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My name is Ann Jackson. I am the National Technology & Special Needs Advisor, employed by the Special Education Section of the Department of Education & Science. The service offers advice and information on most aspects of Assistive Technology (AT) and ICT that can be employed to  support the education and learning of students with special needs in Irish schools.

What is the service?

Advice, support and information is offered to all those who are involved in the education of school students with special needs.  Contact can be initiated by School Principals, teachers, SNAs, parents, therapists, psychologists, education centers and SENOs. Communication with special interest groups, parent support groups and other service providers are also welcomed.

The service is funded by the Department of Education & Science (DES) with the support of the Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) in Clontarf. The Advisor is based in the CRC but can be contacted by email, phone or fax as well as through the website. There is no charge for accessing the service.

What can you request?

Advice and information can be given on

A series of advice sheets on strategies, school and classroom planning for technology, software selection, sourcing equipment and other issues can be provided where appropriate.


Technology is not a “magic answer” but rather an interactive multimedia resource that can provide a motivational teaching and learning tools for a wide range of students.

Emphasis is placed on using technology to support the curriculum or the individual education plan of the student(s). It is important to provide advice and information that is specific to the particular needs of the student and the school rather than a global generic “solution”

If you have a query on an aspect of technology for a student with special needs that you wish to discuss contact ajackson@crc.ie


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