Technology: Devices

There is a wide range of technical devices that can be used with students with special needs in school.
Devices can be


Low-tech or no-tech options include book stands, document holders, communication charts and schedules, magnetic boards and non-slip matting. Some of these resources will work in conjunction with higher tech equipment. Communication charts may be constructed using computer software or a digital camera. The document holder is attached to a computer monitor to support literacy activities.

Middle tech options include simple communication devices with basic voice recording facilities, the talking photograph album, switch adapted toys, dictaphones, calculators and portable spelling devices.

High tech options include portable dedicated word processors and more complex communication devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. These devices can be made more accessible by using a range of peripherals required by individual students.


Devices should be chosen to meet the individual cognitive, physical and educational need of the student. Successful and effective use of the devices can be supported by in-school planning. Planning should address individual and general issues including use in class and other contexts, training needs, time tabling and regular review of progress.

Some students will need more support and motivation than others. Many students with autism will really enjoy using technology while some older students may not wish to have equipment not used by their peers.

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