Practical issues

The successful use of technology for individual students can be influenced  by a range of practical supports and issues. These may include


The Department of Education and Science has provided a range of grants to fund ICT in schools since 1998. These have allowed schools to purchase computers, software and other devices as well as providing internet access and networking infrastructures.

In addition the DES provide application-based grants for individual students with special needs at both primary and post-primary levels. Applications for these grants are processed initially by the regional SENO service. Forms and information can be obtained on the DES website.

Advice & Information

Teachers and parents may need general and/or specific information and advice about technology for individual students with special needs. This may be at the initial stage of selection of technology for first time or as the students is reviewed and needs to upgrade or change equipment or needs to progress to the next level of use.

There is much information available on the internet but as it is unfiltered and often of a commercial nature teachers and parents need to be discerning and get a second opinion before purchasing expensive devices. A bad initial experience can be disheartening for the adults and may lead to abandonment of the technology by the student.

If possible advice on technology for the student should be obtained from personnel who know the students and their specific needs and abilities.

Sources of advice and information may include

More general advice may be available from


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