Most students have some access to a range of technology both at home and in school.  Some will know how to use computers and other technical devices before they enter the classroom. Others will learn in school. The use of computers and other devices is now considered a life skill for all students. However for many students with special needs technology is an essential tool that allows them to access the curriculum, learn skills  and to do  a range of classroom activities that would otherwise be impossible or very difficult.

Selection Process

The majority of students including many with special needs and disabilities in school will use standard computers with standard access methods and standard educational software. However some students with special needs will require non-standard or modified options. The choice of hardware, peripherals and software will depend on the physical, cognitive, sensory and age profiles of these students. It is important to get informed advice on the options available for specific students and an individual assessment each student if possible. Recommendations should include strategies and guidelines on the use of the technology including positioning, timing of use, training on devices and inclusion into the school life of the student. Some students may have access to therapy services which may be able to give advice and training. Some may be eligible for grant funding from the DES.

Criteria for Success

Technology can have a positive impact on the educational life of the student. It should be selected using the following criteria

  1. It meets the  individual needs of student
  2. It can be used to support the curriculum or educational plan of the student
  3. The student is committed to using the equipment
  4. It can be implemented in a practical and effective  way in the school
  5. The use of the technology should be within as inclusive a framework as possible
  6. Appropriate training and support for teachers and student is available if required
  7. Creative, planned  and reviewed use by teachers and other staff


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