Using Technology

When selecting and using technology for students with special needs it may be useful to base your selection and implementation plan on the SETT Model. This model considers four areas of focus

Curricular Issues

Technology can be an effective educational support and resource if used in a planned and structured way in the classroom. The technology options used by the student should be included in the student’s educational plan. Its effectiveness should be reviewed regularly.

Technology can support a wide range of subjects, topics and skills within the school. Some examples


There are many practical consideration and ideas for implementing the successful integration of technology into the classroom life of students with special needs. Teachers should look at issues such as

Role of SNA

If the students has a Special Needs Assistant (SNA) working with them it is essential that assistant is trained in how to use the technology and is given criteria and rationale for its use. Strategies, plans and ideas should be drawn up for use in difference subject areas and to support individual skills development.


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